About company

Siboil is a Russian company, successfully operating and dynamically developing in the market of automobile oils and car chemical goods. Since 2010, the company has been producing motor, transmission and industrial oils in consumer and industrial containers.

The geography of Siboil’s activity covers all large regions of Russia, and the trading and distribution network is growing steadily, connecting Russian and foreign partners throughout the CIS and Far Abroad. Further expansion of product distribution channels is one of the missions of the company’s development.

Why choose SIBOIL oil

Our factory is equipped with modern equipment and a quality control system at every stage. High quality and affordable price, proven by many years of operating practice, have made SIBOIL trademark truly national and beloved by all motorists.

Today, the company produces more than 30 types of oils and lubricants for various types of engines, the range is constantly expanding and replenishing with popular positions. The market for auto chemicals and car oils is developing rapidly, and Siboil company is growing with it.

We are proud that millions of consumers in Russia and throughout the CIS get the highest quality when purchasing goods under SIBOIL trademark!

SIBOIL — affordable solutions, working technology

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