1 product and its 6 benefits

SIBOIL, a Russian manufacturer of motor oils, has expanded its sales territory by launching sales of its products in Libya, Egypt, Latvia, Yemen, as well as in Bulgaria.

Bestseller of the year

The leader in sales growth for 2018. A recognizable brand on every shelf in any city in Russia.

Affordable price

The combination of large production volumes and the widest distribution network in Russia allows us to keep affordable prices.

High quality

Highly refined base oils and imported multifunctional additives packages guarantee the highest quality.

Lightweight, convenient canister

Lightweight, convenient canister with recognizable and unique design is the key to success against fakes.

Sold in large stores

Availability on the shelves of the largest stores affords to find and buy SIBOIL products anywhere in Russia.

Protects the engine

High antiwear and thermostable properties provide protection throughout the entire life of the oil.


Our products

We are proud that millions of consumers in Russia and throughout the CIS, when purchasing goods under the SIBOIL trademark, receive the highest quality!

Additional areas of application

Siboil has implemented a system that allows it to continuously improve the technology for the production of motor oils.


Lubricants for use in machines, mechanisms and industrial equipment, machine tools.


Hydraulic oils for use as a working fluid in hydraulic systems and drives of special equipment and cars, as well as in industrial equipment.


Greases for friction units of automotive vehicles, industrial machines and mechanisms, as well as for domestic use in order to reduce wear caused by friction.

Choose your product by category

Siboil produces more than 30 types of oils and lubricants for various types of engines, the range is constantly expanding and replenishing with positions in demand.

Customer reviews


Siboil motor oils in its range meet the price-quality parameters in comparison with competitors. We haven't received any quality complaint on the product. Pouring into a container corresponds to the one declared. B2B customers are satisfied. The technique works and does not fail.


High-quality oil in the economy segment, a fairly wide range, good packaging design, memorable name.                                                                                                                                                                        

IP Ilyushkin K.G.

Not expensive oil, a good range of products, a design that is memorable, a European name.                                                                                                                                                                          

OOO Ekipazh

A good inexpensive oil with excellent design, the European name, the main line of oils in the economy segment is presented in the brand, which allows you to compete with the main players in the market. The quality of the level.

Mega Oil
Nizhny Novgorod

Our company has been distributing products of SIBOIL trademark in the territory of Taraz and the Zhambyl region since October 2018. In this short time, we managed to make sure of the high quality of the products supplied to us and the acceptable price. These benefits are highly appreciated by retail outlets and end consumers, respectively. We receive only positive feedback from customers, both for packaging and for barrel products. Everyone is happy with both price and quality. From myself, we want to wish prosperity to your production and our mutually beneficial cooperation! New ideas and achievements!

Executive Director Dalbaev S.A.

Our company has been distributing products of the SIBOIL trademark in the territory of Shymkent, Kyzylorda and their regions since 2016. During this time, we have not received a single negative review on it. Sale outlets of the region are pleased to work with it . SIBOIL TM has many regular customers, both for packaged and barrel products. All of them are satisfied with the quality and price of the product. From myself, we want you to develop a line of brake fluids with this trading brand name. We continue to plan to sell SIBOIL brand products and increase volumes.

IP Mamyshov
The Republic of Kazakhstan

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Promotion “Favorable Price” allows the buyer to purchase Siboil motor oil at a reduced price. Hurry up to buy! Ask in the shops of your city!

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